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"You're passionate. When you hate someone, you hate them. When you love someone, it's the most they've ever been loved."


Tell me he isn’t Cooper Anderson’s brother…

YOU ARE AWESOME. (seriously, I’m so impressed.)

U inspire me

Jack's Other Blog: The Myth of the Appalachian 


"Many of us are uncomfortable with the myth.

I might be Scots-Irish; no one in our family is completely sure. It’s true I come from a family of farmers and coal miners, and they sure have been poor for a long time. A few have been god-fearing and loyal to family; others have been irreligious scoundrels.

But I am not an Appalachian of myth.

It’s true, I like fiddle music and eating beans and cornbread. I can sing all the verses to “West Virginia Hills” and know the state flower, bird, and animal.

But I don’t work in coal; I play saxophone. I think before I vote. I have read books —  a lot of them — not just the Bible. I like films with subtitles sometimes. I like jazz and punk music. Thai is my favorite cuisine. I have my ears pierced and my hair colored. I like to travel.

I have lots of “Appalachian” friends. Some of their families go back generations; some of them just arrived. Some of them are Buddhist or Muslim. Some are gay or lesbian. Some are from Pakistan or Nigeria or Venezuela. Some of them have never been hunting, fishing, or mud-bogging. Some like Broadway shows more than football.

It doesn’t make any of us less “Appalachian.”

We live here.

We have a right to demand clean water and air, as much as anyone else.

We pay taxes, just like everyone else.

We’re tired of being told we’re not being true to our “heritage” because we do not kowtow to the wishes of the power brokers in this state.

We’re not the “noble poor.” Some of us have been (and are) poor. We can tell you that it sucks.

Some of us think that working all day entitles us to healthcare and decent wage. We’re sorry if that spoils the image you have of us “simple folk.”

I’m Appalachian and I demand that my voice be heard.”

8.02 miles this morning. so glad the weather is finally cooperating! also i feel like i might die now but at least i did it.

sometimes your day gets started two hours after you meant it to


This was the greatest moment ever.


We’ve all had that awkward moment where we accidentally touched our friend’s boob

this reminds me of that time juni grabbed mine bc she ‘thought it was the floor’